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My Office: 2G.6-3
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Course Outlines, Winter-Spring 2015

Creative Arts, Interactive Web Art and Culture, Section 01, 02 (syllabus) Interactive Web art and Culture (pdf)

Required text (on-line):Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art. Los Angeles: Taschen:

Illustration & Design, Group 1, Colour 1, Section 02 (syllabus) Colour 1(pdf)

Creative Arts, Artists' Books and Graphic Novels (section 03) (syllabus) Artists' Books and Graphic Novels (pdf)

Interesting links:

A Brief History of The Utah Teapot by Steve Baker.
Has a copy of the actual teapot dataset if you wish to play with it.

More Self Portraits

Links to on-line drawing and painting programs

Photoshop keyboard shortcuts (.pdf)

Movie posters

What is net-art?
MTAA simple net art diagram (1997)
Abe Linkoln: complex (1999)
kaja cxzy andersen (2012)

A brief history of Robotics

Recent ramblings in class (more links)


office: 931-8731 ext. 3203
studio: 495-2632


Andres Manniste, Fog, 2014

Art and cell phones or the social networking environment (2008)

Ticky Tacky: Thoughts about net-art (2005)

What I think about teaching art

Visit my website or places about my work:

and my résumé (.pdf 84 ko) if you wish to offer me a job.

and my résumé (.pdf 84 ko) if you wish to offer me a job.


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