Program 500.AO
Department Chair: Naomi London
Office: 2G.6-2
Local: 3213


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For a genuine internet-based art experience, please allow pop-ups on your browser.
Amanda (2003)
Martha_cant_make_art (2005)
Printedclouds (2004)
Sherwin_Bo (2003)
public_html (2004)
rockoutweb (2001)
thirdproject (2003)
DianaValary (2002)
Amanda+Technology (2006)
Yuliya, Hao Cheng, Lea and Mi Tian (2006)
ADD (2010)
Do you know me? (2011)
Written on the body (2011)

This is a temporary directory with various class projects conceived for the internet.


last updated: 06/09/13

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