One of the ineffable pleasures of being Chair of the Fine Arts Department is getting to know all our students better. I can see the transformation they have undergone in just two short years and I am totally impressed by the level of commitment and imagination they express. And, while these students experience all the regular stresses connected with student life, finally, it is the graduating exhibition that fully mobilizes their efforts. The particular focus connected to making the best artwork for the end of term has a galvanizing effect.
     This year the Fine Arts homeroom was a hive of activity. I would check in on a regular basis, watching in disbelief the accumulation of what can only be described as “non-art” materials. As paint, brushes and canvas began to compete for space with food, clothes and blankets, I wondered what kind of art was likely to emerge. The particular disorder produced by this exuberant creativity resulted in a space that has never seemed messier.
     The amazing artworks you see in this catalogue and exhibition have emerged, miraculously, from this chaos. The inventive minds of our students have forged original expressions that merge traditional art forms, unconventional materials, and personal experience. As a teacher and current Department Chair, I am proud of these students and their accomplishments. They have completed a demanding program, and now possess the experience, knowledge and dedication needed to flourish in any creative field.  I believe the graduating class of 2011 will succeed no matter where their creativity leads them, and I wish them excellence in all their endeavours.

Lorraine Simms

Department Chair