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Tuition is free for Canadian citizens and permanent residents who are taking four or more courses per semester. There is, however, a $30 non-refundable application fee, as well as annual fees of approximately $170 to cover items such as student activities, registration, printed materials, and library and laboratory access.

In addition to the above, foreign students pay a $50 evaluation fee as well as tuition fees of $6,597.00 per term. Students taking fewer than four courses or 12 hours per week must pay tuition fees. These fees are subject to change without notice and do not include the cost of books or items such as art supplies or film.

Fine Arts students should expect to spend approximately $600-800 per semester on basic tools and materials such as sketchbooks, drawing materials, paint, brushes, papers, canvas and wood. It is recommended that students consider planning for the costs of organized extracurricular activities such as the annual field trip to New York City.

Financial Aid

Although tuition is free for most, some students require financial assistance for necessities such as food, lodging and clothing. Dawson supports these students with financial aid. For further information, please contact the Loans and Bursaries Office at 931-8731, local 1186.


Entrance Requirements

General Requirements

The basic requirement for admission to Dawson College is the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies including: Secondary V second language, Secondary IV history, Secondary IV physical sciences, Secondary V mathematics or an equivalent course at the Secondary IV level (064-436 or 564-436).
Applicants with an academic background judged equivalent to the Quebec Diploma of Secondary Studies may also apply.

Specific Requirements

Eligible applicants will be interviewed and required to present a portfolio of at least 20 recent original works. This portfolio can include drawings, paintings or prints as well as slides or photographs of sculpture or ceramics. Some work should be in colour and at least half should be from direct observation (still lifes, landscapes, figure studies or portraits). Submission of a sketchbook is also desirable. You should not submit your portfolio with your application, but you must bring it with you when invited for an interview.


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Program 500.AO
Department Chair: Naomi London
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Dawson Fine Arts Student Awards

Each year the Fine Arts Department offers several awards to the most outstanding students in our program.

Fine Arts Chairperson / Myles Tyrrell Award

Fine Arts First Year Achievement Award

Fine Arts Second Year Achievement Award


Application Deadline

The application deadline is March 1 for the fall semester.
Application forms can be obtained in high schools or from:

Dawson College

Admissions Office
Dawson College
3040 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec H3Z 1A4
Telephone: 933-1234

If you would like more information about the Fine Arts Program, please call 931-8731, local 321